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About me

About me

I am an independent journalist with an investigative focus on the Medical Industry. I found my passion for journalism as a young adult writing stories for my high school newspaper. This led me to pursue and obtain a Bachelors degree in journalism from the University of Toronto where I decided I would focus on the medical industry throughout my career. During my studies I found that some of our most critical and high profiles issues are directly related to, or caused by the medical history. I have much experience contributing with other journalists in investigating and writing stories for major news publishing companies as well as investigative journals.

Investigating alleged medical neglect Canadian correctional facilities

In this Investigation I engaged various health care professionals and Correctional Service Canada staff and solicited interviews with inmates. The information discovered in the course of this investigation will be published in a forthcoming book.

Emergency preparedness of potential disease outbreak

This investigation was to assess the medical resource suppliable by major Canadian pharmaceutical companies for the most population region of Canada in potential disease outbreaks.

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